"MY NEXT 90 DAYS" Savor Planner: Manifesting Moon

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Live your best life with "the planner that changed my life." (Daily Worth)

Be more productive, stay organized, and incorporate daily self-care with a simple 5-step system. 

The Savor Life Planner helps you to design a "nourish to flourish" lifestyle with four pillars: 

I. "Savor Life" Lists: Easy-to-access tabbed list to remind you of what's important
II. 90-Day Vision: Create a #mynext90days goal that is more achievable than a New Year's resolution
III. Weekly + Daily Rituals: Simplify, edit, and savor the essentials
IV. Organize Your "Gorgeous Chaos": Extra space for you to use for projects, client meetings, meal planning, and more

Infuse your day with purposeful rituals to show up the best version of youpersonally and professionally. 

"Not your average planner... it will help you prioritize goals, weed out busywork, track longterm goals." - Elle

What's Included?

  • 90-Day Vision worksheets
  • Reflection sheets, thought starters, prompts
  • Tabs: Savor Life, My Vision, My Plan + 12 weekly dividers for easy access
  • 4 monthly calendars to fill in so you can start at anytime
  • Week-at-a-glance planning to prioritize your essentials
  • Extra pages to "organize your gorgeous chaos"
  • Stickers!
  • Daily section to highlight a success, gratitude, or self-care activity
  • Size: 8 x 10 with a flexible cover for easy traveling
  • Inspirational quotes... and more!
  • Choose from 4 different colors: Radiant Raspberry, Magical Mint, Sublime Sunshine, Pink Champagne, Classical Black, or Manifesting Moon!
  • Instructions by creator Angela Jia Kim
  • Design by the Vogue Art Director to stay organized and stylish

"... trust us on this one: this is not just a planner... designed for very busy people to be more intentional with their days, weeks and months, leaving room for gratitude along the way." - Lauren Bush's FEED 

The Savor Life Planner is lightweight and portable, so you can carry with you to business meetings, in a diaper bag, a designer purse, or with your laptop. 

"... helps design a 90-day vision to help people be more productive, feel creative and practice holistic high-vibration living." - Your Tango

"I am thrilled with the daily action planner! I've always been a woman with to do lists and this planner helps see the big picture and dream. I've already manifested exciting things in my life. Thank you!" - Annaliesa P. (New York, NY) 

"The Savor Life Planner is the ultimate way to organize your beautiful chaos and manifest your best life in 90 days." - Chicago WCI - The Jam