Savor Beauty School: Radiance Rituals

Join Savor Beauty founder and creator of the Savor Beauty Planner, Angela Jia Kim, in our exclusive Savor School: Radiance Rituals classes. These high-vibration workshops are designed to activate your inner and outer radiance through deep introspective analysis and expanding your energetic aura.

Learn more about Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim is a 3x entrepreneur who has mentored thousands of women in Savor the Success, a women enterprise group that focused on manifesting their visions.

A former concert pianist-turned-founder of Savor Beauty, Angela now spends her time heading 2 award-winning spas in NYC, a growing online natural skincare brand Savor Beauty, and has created the 90-day Savor Beauty Planner, a "self-care first" organizer.

Angela Jia Kim is mom to daughter Sienna and a mini golden, Zoe. They reside in New York City's Upper West Side.

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Ticket: $45 per class, includes a $20 credit to

Classes are 45-minute interactive Zoom sessions with limited availability.

Ignite Your Passion

Wednesday, May 19th 12 PM EST

Discover your inner passion and vitalize your desires to lead a more fulfilling life. Reflect on where you want to dedicate your time and energy, navigating a post-pandemic world. This workshop will help you focus and inspire new paths, and let go of things that no longer serve you.

What you’ll need: a pen and paper (or your Savor Beauty Planner!). Optional: set the mood with a candle or an Aromatherapy Diffuser.

The Art of Affirmations

Wednesday, May 26th 12 PM EST

Affirmations are simple yet significant phrases repeated to keep us in the high vibration zone with positive feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. This powerful daily practice can help create inner radiance and lead a more authentic life through manifestation. In this workshop, we’ll be diving deep within ourselves for guidance and creating a personalized deck of affirmation cards.

What you’ll need: index cards and colorful highlighters and/or pens. Optional: magazine clippings or printed images.

Own Your Self-Worth

Wednesday, June 2nd 12 PM EST

Self-worth is our deep ability to know that we are of value. Post-pandemic we can easily reflect back on what we could have/should have/would have accomplished. This workshop will help you change your inner narrative and honor your individual authenticity.

What you’ll need: a pen + a piece of paper (or your Savor Beauty Planner!) Optional: mirror.

Expand your Feminine Energy

Wednesday, June 9th 12 PM EST

As a New York based entrepreneur, Savor Beauty founder Angela Jia Kim understands the pressure to achieve goals and take on more responsibilities. What she has found is that there needs to be a balance between masculine results-oriented energy and feminine receiving energy for a more fulfilling life.

This workshop has been created as a sensorial experience to soften and tap into your body and inner intuition (where we can work less and accomplish more!).

What you’ll need: Bring your favorite essential oils or scented candles!

How to Attract High Vibrations

Wednesday, June 16th 12 PM EST

In order to attract joy and abundance in life, we need to align our inner being to that same vibration. It’s easier than you think- all it takes is an intentional choice to how you want to feel.

In this workshop we will do some internal housekeeping and learn tools to identify and handle external triggers in a way that won’t dim your radiant vibration.

What you’ll need: Savor Beauty Planner

Clarify Your Vision

Wednesday, June 23rd 12 PM EST

As a cumulation of the work put forth in the rituals thus far, we have opened our awareness to how we want to feel, and created an inner sense of flow and release.

This workshop will help you take a holistic approach to create a clear vision for a well balanced, vibrant life.