Your Top Planner Questions, Answered!

Back in February, founder Angela Jia Kim had the pleasure of speaking 1:1 with some Savor Beauty Planner lovers! She answered their #1 planner questions. Ranging from productivity to chaotic to-do lists, here's what YOU wanted to know.

Part III: This week, we chatted with longtime Savor Beauty Planner lover Precious, who lets us peek into her planner and asks about staying committed to her 90-day vision and keep it at the forefront of her mind.

PART II: This week, we feature Dr. Cooper's question about how to stay focused on her 90-day vision when family, multiple jobs, and a big move pull her in different directions. 

PART I: This week, we're starting off with the lovely Dianna, mother and 2-time business owner who recently switched careers. She asks about the "Gorgeous Chaos" containers, how to carry over tasks from week to week, and how to actually use your planner, instead of just carrying it around.