Why My Planner is ESSENTIAL to My Business (+ Life) Success ūüĆü

To be perfectly honest with you, without my planner, I'd be a mess.

This is why I LOVE Sundays and spending time alone to get organized, gain clarity, and carve out time for self-care. 

When creating the Savor Life Planner, I knew you would need enough structure to help you get organized and yet enough space to personalize and customize for your lifestyle. 

Once you get a hang of the system and come up with what works for you, the easiest and hardest part of having a planner is to do one simple thing. 


So why does writing it down help? After all, it takes so much effort to write something down when you can easily store it in your brain, right?

Here's what happens when someone says, "Can you get xyz done?" And you say "Yes!" without writing it down.

Your brain stores it in your sensory memory for often less than one second and up to ten seconds.

Sometimes the information moves to¬†short-term memory, which¬†is like your brain's temporary scratchpad where things can be briefly stored‚ÄĒor not.¬†

Study after study shows you will remember things better when you write it down. It doesn’t just help you remember, it makes your mind more efficient by helping you focus on the things that matter. 

Here's a little trick: If I have to remember to do something on a future day, I flip to that week and write it down as that day's seed or a weed. Without fail, I "remember" and get it done. 

So next time you need to remember to do something, pause, flip to the day, write it down. (And, of course, this system only works if you use the planner and check it daily!) 

Here's the funny thing. I have a creative mind that works 100 miles per minute.

I'm naturally disorganized, and my life can be chaotic.

As a small business owner and mom/wife, I wear multiple hats all day. 

But people think I have my act together.

Ha! Thank you, dear Savor Life Planner, for holding it together for me. 

Use your planner is the ultimate self-care tool. It reduces the anxiety of "do this, remember that!" and helps you have peace so you have time to Savor Life, too.

After all, a woman's got to live!


Angela Jia Kim ‚ô°
Mom, Wife, Lover of Life!