Who are you? ūüėć


Hi Everyone! ūüíú

As you may have noticed, I'm on a self-care journey to nourish to flourish, and I call it Savor Life Mastery. 

I've been thinking a lot about self-care and what it means. Yes, it is about time for yourself, treating yourself to a massage, and eating nourishing meals. 

But for me, it also includes things not usually associated with self-care like planning ahead, creating financial security, having supportive people in your life, and, most importantly, 
getting clear on who you are. 

When you get clear on who you are, you not only make better choices for yourself--you make the right choices. And this takes work.

In the Savor Life Planner, there is a worksheet called, "Who Am I?" and some of you have asked me why you need to do this exercise every 90 days.

The reason is that we are always evolving, growing, and experiencing life lessons that shape who we are. Reflecting and becoming self-aware is one of the biggest keys to knowing who you are. 

Let’s resolve to not just aim to be successful in the world. Let’s aim to fulfill the highest and truest expression of ourselves. 

With love, 

Angela Jia Kim 
Your "nourish to flourish" guide

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Savor Self-Care

A clean slate begins with a clean face, which is why we’ve bundled together our Savor Life Planner and our travel-sized Double-Cleanse Duo for the ultimate "Clean Slate Kit" holiday gift.

Start by resetting your outer glow by washing your face and then nourish your inner glow with the planner’s soulful exercises. 

Here is a little sampling of the soul-care questions in your planner:  

  1. What are your values?
  2. What's important to you? 
  3. What's flowing for you?
  4. What's not flowing?

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