The Key to a Successful Life ūüíÉ


Q:  How long did the Daily Action Planner system bring results for you?" - Jill J. 

A: Hi Jill, this is a great question! Some results sprout up in days, others blossom years later. No matter how long, I play the long game and plant seeds daily.

Planting seeds is at the heart of the Daily Action Planner system: It's an action that has growth potential. If you plant seeds daily, they will blossom into an abundant garden. 

Here's an example of instant-gratification seeds that sprout up. When planning my daughter's weekend, I send out some texts for playdates. Often these "seeds" sprout very quickly, resulting in kids running around in our New York apartment. 

Other seeds take much longer, but it's worth the watering and waiting. For example, yesterday, Savor Beauty (my skincare brand) was featured on the homepage of Allure for our new Pumpkin Enzyme Peel launch. 

Many might think this was an overnight success, but it's the result of planting and watering seeds that I wrote in my Daily Action Planner over the past couple of years. 

- Send Allure editor an email asking to meet for a deskside 
- Send another email to follow up
- Send a third email with more news and to follow up
- Success! Meet with her for a deskside, she writes about us¬†ūüĆĪ
- Invite her in for a facial at our spa
- Invite her for a Korean beauty masterclass
- Publicist sends her (and 75 other editors) our NEW Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
- Seeds blossom:¬†homepage feature¬†ūüĆĪūüĆĪūüĆĪ

Look at how many seeds go into building a relationship! This is not a neat list or strategy that I came up with two years ago. It was the result of evaluating what was sprouting and writing down more seeds to plant as the process unfolded. 

How many seeds are you committed to planting? And are you in it for the long game? 

Here's to all the seed planters-who-could around the world! 

Angela Jia Kim
The mom, wife, and entrepreneur seed planter