The 3 P's to get more done in less time + Cyber Monday Sale TODAY! 😊

Dear Savor Life Planners, 

I want to encourage you to think about your life like one big closet. 

Imagine walking into a closet with zero structure: bed linens piled up, ponytail holders without a container, makeup here and there. 

This is what your week and to-lists look like if you don’t put structure around those unruly tasks that can be stressful and overwhelming. 

The kindest form of self-care is to put those tasks into a container and start to organize them. It reduces anxiety and chaos and gives us soothing structure. 

Create a master list for the week, prioritize them, and create projects to get them done. I created 3 P’s to make it easy for you to remember:



  1. Purge. This is your (tabbed) Brain Detox for the week, AKA the Master List. Whenever you remember something to do throughout the week, a system is needed – and scribbled notes everywhere won’t cut it. You need your Master List to be... 
    1. Accessible at all times 
    2. Within easy reach
    3. Easy to edit
  2. Prioritize. This is your Weekly Plan where you will write out your biggest priorities and batch together projects, which is something that Benjamin Franklin did to minimize distractions. 
  3. Projects. Rather than thinking of your time in tasks, think in projects. On your "Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos" pages, instead of doing a thousand tiny random tasks throughout the day, create projects like “Emails” or “Party Planning” or “Manager Meeting”.

    You can dump all ideas, thoughts, and tasks into the right container, just like a well-organized closet.

Are you committed to accomplishing your goals? Grab your planner (20% today and tomorrow!) and let's do this together. 

Angela Jia Kim 
Mom, wife, friend, leader, and "nourish to flourish" believer

P.S. Every Sunday at around 5 PM EST, I create a personal post about my journey from self-care to success. Follow me and @savorlifeplanner to get your weekly boost of inspo. 

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