Step 4: Organization tips to tackle dreaded tasks 🙌


Happy Mother's Day to all moms of humans, furry friends, and nature. Thank you for pouring your maternal love into this world, making it warmer, kinder, and wiser. 

Speaking of maternal love, what needs more love than weeds? I can remember my mom making me pull weeds from our garden.

"Mom," I would say, "I want to be in charge of watering the flowers, not pulling the ugly weeds." 

"If you don't pull the weeds today, you won't be able to enjoy the flowers later," she would always say. 

In previous weeks, I shared the Daily Action Planner's easy 5-step system to change your life.
Step 0Brain Detox
Step 1Define Priorities
Step 2Savor Life
Step 3: Structure Your Day

And now...


So what's a weed? They are important tasks to get done, but they’re often the most difficult, non-enjoyable tasks, like pulling weeds from a garden.

For example, your least favorite “weeds” of the day may be paying bills, scheduling appointments, or working on inventory.

Things will spring up that you don’t necessarily want to deal with. Left unattended, the garden will become unruly and chaotic.

If you tend to the weeds on a daily basis, you actually enjoy the process of seeing your garden blossom.

The above image is an insider peek into my personal Daily Action Planner. I love being able to see my week on one page to get a bird's eye view of what needs to get done at a glance!

Here's to pulling weeds + savoring what blossoms, 

Angela Jia Kim