3 Secrets of an Unflappable Working Mom

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Q: "How do you handle so many balls in the air at the same time?" - Gioia D. 

A: Hi Gioia! The truth is that I drop many balls in order to catch the essential ones. 

Here are three secrets I have to juggling multiple balls in the air while being a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. 

1. PRIORITIZE. As multi-hyphenate people--mom, partner, entrepreneur, career woman, and more--we need to prioritize which balls we want to catch. This is why declaring a 90-Day Vision is key to identifying what you want to focus on.

Saying "no" to distractions is saying "yes" to your priorities. 

2. THINK IN PROJECTS. Batch together to-dos into projects in your "Gorgeous Chaos" pages in the Daily Action Planner. 

3. CARVE OUT TIME. Dedicate time in your weekly view to get the "project" done in one fell swoop. You will save hours in the long run by focusing on one project at a time. 

Above is an example that one planner posted. She has clearly outlined her priorities and bakes it into her weekly schedule. She carves out 4-6PM daily to plant her seeds as well. 

Here's to your essentials! 


Angela Jia Kim
Mom, wife, creative