Risk-Taking 101: A Simple Rule of Thumb ūüĎć

Savor Soul-Care: Taking Risks

Q: "Angela, how do you tackle risk-taking?" - Kara A. 

A: The answer is that I take risks with exciting rewards, and I only risk what I'm willing to lose. 

When I launched Savor Beauty, it was just an expensive hobby. I put around $60K onto my credit cards, and I told myself that if I never made that money back, we could pay it off by selling our Manhattan apartment. That was what I was willing to lose. 

Thank goodness it never came to that, and the reward was worth the risk. 

Prompt: Grab your planner and flip to the notes area. Ask yourself, "What's the next risk I want to take? What's the potential reward and loss? Can I live with both?" 

Once you take the leap, keep your eye on the reward. 

Here's to risks + rewards, 

Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor Beauty

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Savor Self-Care: Get the Most Out of Beauty

At Savor Beauty, we love teaching women how to incorporate self-care into their morning and evening rituals. 
Nothing gives us more joy than to see women learn how to wash their face the right way, tone and breathe, pat and press…. 
After learning how to treat their skin like expensive silk, they often commit a small sin by wiping the excess product off onto a towel!

Instead of wasting all that organic goodness, use the leftover nourishing creams and oils and massage your neck, cuticles, hands, arms, and, yes, even ends of your hair.

Why shouldn’t the rest of your body receive the same love, attention and good-for-you ingredients as your face? Bask in beauty, beauties! 
#SelfCareSunday by @savorbeauty