How these 5-year old seeds blossomed today

Last week was AMAZING. We launched a new Savor Beauty product and kicked off our Women’s History Month give back to Her Justice, a non-profit organization that offers pro-bono legal to low-income and at-risk women and their families.

One of the factors that made this launch a success (and kept me and my team calm) was work we did 5 years ago thanks to the power of planting seeds.

In the past, we’ve sent gratis to experts and editors who loved our mission, charitable causes and overall quality of products.

Over the years, I’ve connected with them on social, engaged with their stories, and even took some people out to lunch. They understood me as a person, which opened up a new meaning for the things I do. Now we’re expecting over 30 features on this new launch!

How did we make this work?

  • We planted seeds by giving generously without expecting anything in return.
  • We stuck to our missions: uplifting and empowering women through donation, action and exposure.
  • We planned ahead! This launch was a year in the making and our team passively planned this launch since last May, so when the launch week came around, all of our tasks were checked off.
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