Meghan Markle's family estrangement hits home for me

Hello Everyone! 💕

I knew Meghan Markle and I had something in common when this Popsugar wrote about Savor Beauty and tea tree, her "cure-all" beauty ingredient. 

Sadly, Meghan and I have another thing in common--family estrangement. 

Family estrangement is emotional and/or physical distance from a negative family relationship. According to a recent Good Housekeeping article, 20% of Americans experience family estrangement. 

My beloved mom always tries to get my sister and me together. But this holiday season, I choose self-care over toxicity, authenticity over approval. The distance is a freeing and loving act not only for me but also for my husband and daughter. 

For those of you who are also experiencing estrangement, you are not alone. Here are a few things you can do to feel fulfilled over the holidays:

1. Volunteer at food banks and animal shelters, which brings meaningful connectedness. This year, my daughter and will be delivering Savor Beauty products to a domestic violence shelter. 

2. Friends can be family, too. Every year, my husband cooks a delicious gourmet meal for good friends, and we ring in the new year with good cheer. 

3. Know who you are. During the holiday break, I love reflecting on the past year and #mynext90days. I've included these worksheets in your planner. 

And if you are savoring close relationships with loved ones this holiday season, consider reaching out and including someone who may be struggling.

Here's to choosing good company, good food, and good cheer.Â đŸ·


Angela Jia Kim 


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