How Your Skin Can Help With Your Life Goals đź’«

Did you know that your skin mirrors what’s going on with you emotionally, spiritually, and physically?

The condition of your skin reveals how you take care of yourself daily, over time. It can reflect the foods you eat, inner well-being, and stress levels. 

Ancient Asian medicine even associates the internal with the external, and you can see which part of your body is suffering based on the inflamed area of your face.

I love using my planner to keep track of everything, including my skin ;)

We make goals for our jobs, our families, our relationships and our health, so why not for our skin, too?

Enter: skin visioning. What is it? It’s a goal-setting method that encourages you to write down what is going on with your skin and to be mindful of what may be causing breakouts, dehydration, or skin irritations.

Instead of ignoring or covering it up with makeup, jot down what's going on and make sure to note what products you are using, what you're eating, and how you're feeling. 

This practice might seem tedious, but with your Savor Life Planner, a self-care meets soul-care planner, it's easy!

Not sure where to start? Here's the first step: With clean hands, lightly take your finger and feel your skin.Notice (don't judge!) bumps, breakouts, or dry patches.

Take out your planner and jot down what you ate yesterday, what products you used, how you felt, how much water you drank, and any other lifestyle habits. 

Do this for seven days straight and notice an improvement in your skin and spirit!

Here's to glowing inside-out, 

xx, Angela Jia Kim

P.S. A lot of you have asked me what I do for dehydrated skin. My favorite advice is to drink one glass of water with a dash of lemon juice when I first wake up. 

Then I put on the Pumpkin Serum with a spritz of Lavender Toning Mist to nourish my skin while I sip on my morning coffee.