How to Set Goals the Right Way ūüźįūüźĘ

How to Set Goals the Right Way.

Q: "Angela, how do you know you are setting the right goal?" -Taylor M.  

Dear Taylor,

Setting goals the right way is the ultimate self-care and here's why: Self-care is an action for which your future self will thank you. 

When you create a goal the right way (we call them "90-Day Vision" in Savor town), you enjoy the process, experience less stress, and stay in alignment with your intuitive path.

Every 90 days, I like to reflect back on my last 90 days to see what's flowing, what's not flowing, and make small shifts to get back on track. 

In the Savor Life Planner, you will find a "Looking Back//Looking Foward" worksheet for a deep dive to reflect on your last 90 days to inspire your next 90 days. 

1. What have I learned in the last 90 days? 
2. What do I want to do differently? 
3. What's flowing in the last 90 days? 
4. What's not flowing in the last 90 days? 

The key to setting goals the right way is to edit what's not working and magnify what is flowing. Try this for your next 90 days and let me know how you do!

Here's to a supreme self-care and aligned visioning,


Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor Beauty


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