How to overcome laziness 👩‍💻

I recently got a question from our Savor community asking if I had a solution for “laziness.”

In general, people associate procrastination, idleness, or lack of movement with laziness. Recently, social psychologist Devon Price talked about how the word “laziness” was used to diminish the mental blocks that people have and that we pay a price when we’re forced to “do more” all the time.

“Situational constraints typically predict behavior far better than personality, intelligence, or other individual-level traits.”

To have a lack of motivation is not sloth; try to work with situations that stimulate you: e.g. new mediums, new environments (something simple like moving from your usual workspace to another room with more light), or a refreshed attitude.

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At the beginning of my self-love journey, I was coming off a high-stress lifestyle where both my mind and body suffered from immense workload. When I finally allowed myself to sink into the missions that I’ve taught  — nourish to flourish — I felt I was wasting my time and potential because I was being “lazy.”

I worried about losing my edge, but instead I was basking in the realm of play, which felt so good, warm, and fun. After realizing that I was more motivated after self-care, I planned in a way that allowed me to find balance in work and life. 

There was an irresistible force inspiring me to do more, discover my inner essence and surrender to higher vibrations. (Next week, I’ll share my “I surrender” meditation with you!)

So… have you been feeling lazy? Don’t feel guilty; ask yourself what would inspire, refresh, rejuvenate you. My secret is to set a timer for seven minutes and just start… when the timer buzzes, I usually want to continue for another seven minutes, and then another. Before I know it, an hour has passed and I’m having fun!

Here’s your weekly prompt:

  • In your closing rituals page, write down one instance you felt “lazy” in the past week.
  • Ask yourself: how did you overcome it? If you didn’t, did you feel guilty?
  • What would inspire and energize you?

Sending you loving energy!

Angela Jia Kim
Creator of the Savor Beauty Planner