How to Handle a Difficult Situation ūüėģ


Have you ever had something happen that felt negative, challenging, or difficult? These are the moments when you can either feel drained or level up. 

I like to use the "What Inspires Me?" pages in the Daily Action Planner when I want to shift into a high-vibration "manifest mode." Here's my favorite "recipe" to flip a negative into a positive, and of course it involves food! :) 

Recipe: The Peach Pie "Manifest" Strategy
Time: 5-10 minutes
Ingredients: Pen, paper, your DAP
Optional Upgrades: Flowers, peach pie, candles


Write down the answers to the following questions. 

  1. What is your current challenge or difficult situation? 
  2. Do a ‚Äúbrain detox‚ÄĚ of peaches and pits (positives and negatives.)¬†
  3. Take the pits, write the contrasting quality you do want. This is your clarity; knowing what you want is the key to change.
  4. Stand in the power of clarity by putting action behind the intention, turning the pits into peaches. 

Knowing what you don't want and flipping it to what you do want lights the path for easeful manifesting. 


Angela Jia Kim
Founder + Creator of Savor Beauty x Daily Action Planner

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