How to Find Your Authentic Power ūüíĚ

Hi Everyone! ūüíú

Yesterday, I went to see the Grinch movie with my daughter and her friend. Have you seen it? It's such a fun, feel-good movie!

While Grinch was stealing Christmas, I got a text from my sister saying, "I got the promotion, which I've wanted for so long! Now I feel depressed and don't want to leave the apartment. What's wrong with me???" 

It's ironic because I had just sent you my thoughts last week on achieving success and not losing who you are in the process.  

I texted back, "I think you have the Olympic Blues. Read my latest Instagrampost. You're not alone--it's a thing."

Part of knowing who you are is knowing your values. Your stand in your authentic beauty and power when your values align with your actions.

Think about your body. Proper posture alignment allows your body to move fluidly without overworking. Studies even show that good posture can lead to a happier, more confident you. 

Like body like soul. Let's align your authentic values with your actions.

  • What's important to you? This what you value.¬†
  • Do your actions reflect your values?¬†

The "Who am I" section of your Savor Life Planner asks you important "soul-care" questions for self-awareness. 

Here's to greeting 2019 in our authentic beauty + power, 

Angela Jia Kim 

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