How To *Finally* Stick To A Routine ūüôĆ (Fail-Proof Method!)

I'm a full-time mama, wife, daughter, friend, and CEO! It's no secret that routines (I like to call them¬†rituals) keep me structured, sane, and stress-free.¬†ūüėä

Last week I wrote to you about the power of writing things down; this week I'm adding the concept of rituals into the mix! After all, studies show that routines make life feel more meaningful and increase our well-being. 

So today, I'm going to give you a peek into my morning, self-care, and Sunday rituals to inspire you to design your own!

Morning Ritual

I am an earlier riser, and first things, first: COLLAGEN COFFEE + "weeds", AKA get the "unsavory" projects done when I can focus without interruption. 

There's no better feeling than getting the harder things done early in the morning and being able to breeze through my day. 

Right now, my big projects are redesigning our living room, applying for an SBA loan, and planning for Mother's Day at my spa. 

I block out time in the morning to "pull these weeds." (See pic below!)

Not a morning person? It's okay! The point is to carve out uninterrupted time to plow through a project without interruption. 

Night Owls can manifest powerfully with the moon. Weekend-only manifestors can go to a cafe and get it done with a cup of joe. 

Remember: focus on progress, not perfection.

Sunday Ritual

I always flip back to "My Vision" tab to make sure that I am aligning with my intentions. Then I do steps 0-3 in the Savor Life system:

Step 0: Brain Detox
Step 1: Define Priorities
Step 2: Savor Life with Self-Care
Step 3: Structure Your Day

Self-Care Rituals

This one is easy and hard! Why?

It's easy because self-care just feels so darn GOOD and your body and spirit will crave more. 

It's hard because we often feel we are not worthy or don't deserve "me time." 

Here are some ideas that help me to prioritize self-care:
- Exercise with a friend or trainer on a set day and time. Every Thursday night at 8PM, my pilates/yoga teacher shows up at my apartment without fail. 

- Wash your face every night. I double-cleanse using this system every single night. It's like going to bed with a clean slate and waking up with gorgeous skin. 

- Schedule a monthly spa day. Commit to a day and time for your "non-negotiable me time." This is your time to fill up your cup! 

Did you notice a pattern? Bake these rituals into your weekly schedule on the same day and time. 

Start now with your planner and write it down. This will change your life, I promise. 


Angela Jia Kim ‚ô°
Mom, Wife, Lover of Life!