High-Vibration Organizing Tricks From a Busy Mom ūüėć

Good Sunday Morning! 

This morning, I answer a question from Alice who asks for ideas on how to use one of my favorite pages in the Daily Action Planner.

"I'm not sure how to begin to use the Gorgeous Chaos pages. What is this page for and how do I break down my 'projects'?" - Alice C. 

Dear Alice,

Think of your Gorgeous Chaos pages like a closet with lots of containers. Instead of organizing stuff, you batch together projects, meetings, and thoughts. 

What I love most about these pages is that you can make it your own and customize to your lifestyle.

Here are some ideas from our Daily Action Planner community :

-meal planning
-exercise plans
-meeting notes
-extra to-dos (you could label it Mon-Fri at the top)

Here's a beautiful example from @kaidensmomplans:

I like to use the Gorgeous Chaos pages for my weekly meetings. Anytime I think of something to discuss, I jot it down. It keeps me on top of my game and productive. 

I also use it for ongoing personal and professional projects. For example, I have one box dedicated to my daughter and the summer camps to register her for this coming week. I am carving out time this Tuesday morning to get it all done in one fell swoop. 

How do you use the Gorgeous Chaos pages? Snap a pick, #dailyactionplanner, and let's inspire one another! 

Here's to loving the "gorgeous chaos",

Angela Jia Kim