Having a Yearly Plan With a 90-Day Planner ūüĆü

Q: "How do you manage a 12-month outlook with a 90-day planner? Do you do that electronically?" - Louise B. 

A: I get this question a lot! 

G-cal catches all my appointments.

The Savor Life Planner organizes my gorgeous chaos. In other words, it's my mindset mentor. 

G-cal keeps my team and me organized time-wise: make appointments, plan ahead for vacations, and carve out important dates. 

The planner helps me reflect on who I am and my bigger vision, create a 90-Day Vision, and execute with daily tasks.

I have big long game goals, a mission, and a personal statement.

I also know that big dreams change and shift over time, which is why I prefer to think in 90 days. 

Fast Company once interviewed me about why 90-day goals are better than year-long ones.

My answer: 90 days is not too long so you can see an end in sight.

It's also not that short so you can actually gain traction.

After doing 90-day reflection questions, you can reset quickly and fail fast in order to succeed in the long run. 

An example of a 90-day vision is our Nolita Face Cake Bar Pop-up! (Come visit us until March 25 at 251 Elizabeth Street!)

The big goal is to open up our fourth location in NYC.

Trying out different neighborhoods with pop-up experiences in Manhattan is a perfect little goal. 

Once you have your big dreams in mind and your 90-Day Vision in front of you, my favorite part is resetting week after week. 

Last week with the launch of our pop-up, I felt off-kilter, a bit crazed, and all over the place.

Ever feel like that? It's okay! Reset on Sundays!

This Sunday afternoon, I'll be creating my week's vision, brain-dumping what I need to do, checking my G-cal, and creating the daily plan. 

Will you pull out your planner, grab a cup of coffee, and join me? 

Here's to Self-care Sundays (because planning IS self-care!) 

xx, Angela Jia Kim
Mom, wife, lady boss, best pasta-sauce cooker (says my daughter)