An Easy Tip That Will Make You Feel Accomplished ✨

Self-Care + Soul-Care = Successful Living. 

Q: "Angela, I procrastinate because I have such a long to-do list and get overwhelmed. What can I do to get organized and get started?" - Madison B.

A: Madison, we get asked this question often, and I have a little rule that keeps overwhelm and procrastination at bay. 

Everything and every task have a home. 

In my household, we have a "home" for almost everything from q-tips to pens to the Vitamix. My daughter knows that if she misplaces anything, it's because she didn't assign a home for it. 

Tasks also need a home. As life gets busier and more complicated, you will notice more and more tasks creeping onto your to-do list. It's easy to get trapped into making long and messy to-do lists of unrelated tasks. 

I call that to-do whiplash, and it's no wonder we procrastinate and put it off! 

I want to remind you to batch projects together vs. create unrelated and unruly to-do lists.

Above is a photo of one of my spa manager's "Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos" pages. You can see she named "KPIs" and "Inventory" as her projects with tasks and thoughts underneath.

Once you give the task a "home", it's easier to find, tackle, and accomplish. You also see the bigger picture of why you want to check it off. 

After you have determined the projects for the week, bake it into your weekly plan in your Daily Action Planner

Here's to batching and simplifying,

Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor Beauty


Savor Spotlight!

"I LOVE a good planner and this 90 Day take is brilliant. I’m in love with this 90 day focus. I’m starting a doozy of a 90 Day Plan with mine on October 1 - Spring line, new designs, travel plans, etc." - smijbyjill


Savor Self-Care: Take a Sound Bath

Some people unwind with a nice, long bubble bath. Others prefer a sound bath. Added benefits: you don't get wet and it takes just one minute to feel the calming effects. 

What's a sound bath? It's an ancient sound-healing practice, often using Tibetan singing bowls, that cleans the soul.

Katherine Hamer, a singing bowl practitioner, says, "Singing bowls have been used to treat stress-related conditions, improve sleep, and enhance mental clarity." 

Add this to the bottom section of your Daily Action Planner weekly plan to remind yourself to #savorlifedaily!

(Seen above: Angela and Melanie, our event planner, at the Savor Life: New Moon Party in 2018.)