An Easy (and Fun) Way to Step into Your Power and Manifest ✨


My biggest mission for the #dailyactionplanner is to help you organize your inner world, express manifestations, and create beautiful #savorlife experiences. 

One of the most powerful manifestation tools in the Daily Action Planner is the recurring "What Inspires Me?" weekly page.

I love to use this page to draw out concepts, create a collage of my dream kitchen or vacation, sketch a flowchart to find solutions, or write uplifting affirmations. 

It turns out that studies show that visualizing works. In a recent Forbes article, psychologist Dr. Barbara Nussbaum, who specializes in the psychological side of money and how it relates to life issues, stated that visioning is "multi-sensory, experiential... allows us to connect emotionally to our goals and our process in reaching them." 

What you feel is what you attract

This simple act of creating a mini vision for the week in your Daily Action Planner is a simple tool to tackle the week in high-vibration mode.

The best part is that you don't have to get out a stack of magazines and commit to hours of visioning. Since this is a weekly ritual, you can simply carve out an easy 10 minutes to tape an inspirational photo or doodle some thoughts. 

Take a deep breath. How do you want to feel this week? Write, collage, sketch it into your DAP. 


Angela Jia Kim
Founder + Creator of Savor Beauty x Daily Action Planner