A Simple Life-Changing Action That Takes Less Than a Minute ūüíĖ


I just returned from Boston where I trained over 30 Neiman Marcus employees. It was the perfect way to launch Savor Beauty in their cosmetics department. 

It was also a wonderful end to summer. Tomorrow, my daughter begins fourth grade, bringing on the flurry of early mornings, homework, cello lessons, and after-school activities.  

When you get busy, it's easy to plow through achievements and forget the simple-yet-significant moments. I looked back on my week and read the "Savor Life Daily" section at the bottom, highlighting a success, gratitude, or celebration.

(Photo of @misfit.plans weekly plan)

I had forgotten about the little moments that brought happiness this past week like a Mommy/daughter lunch date, a pilates workout, and a birthday celebration dinner in Boston with my publicist. 

So even though the summer break is officially over, #savorlifedaily continues. Don't forget to record those meaningful moments.

It takes less than a minute to flip through and relive these highlights, getting into an empowered high-vibration mode. 

Here's to #savorlifedaily,


Angela Jia Kim
Mom to a brand new fourth grader, wife to a craft beer lover, and proud leader of 35 passionate employees