A Practical Plan for When You Feel Overwhelmed 💫


Sometimes a project can feel insurmountable with roadblocks and obstacles.

For instance, my 90-Day Vision is to develop a Pumpkin Peel for my natural skincare brand, Savor Beauty. Sourcing effective, non-toxic, and natural ingredients to create the perfect peel has proven to be challenging, and sometimes it's easy to feel like giving up. 

“Learning something as big as the Mahler Symphony is like conquering a huge boulder. If I look at the entire boulder, I stop dead in my tracks. So with the big picture in mind, I put on my blinders and chip away daily a little bit at a time.

Then at performance time, I don’t even realize that I’ve conquered that big boulder. It’s just a thousand tiny chips that I’ve polished, and it’s part of my blood and bones. At the time of the performance, it’s not what I have to do. It’s who I am.”
 - Paul Merkelo, Principal Trumpet for Montreal Symphony

The Daily Action Planner takes your 90-day projects and helps you break it down into tiny chips. If you run into a roadblock, keep breaking it down into even smaller chips until one day it's not what you have to do. It's who you are.