A Personal Note from Founder, Angela Jia Kim ūüíĆ

More Authenticity, Less Approval 

Hi, everyone! 

As you may have noticed, yesterday, we transformed from Savor the Success's Daily Action Planner to Savor Life Planner. It is Savor Beauty's self-care mission to give you one of the greatest gifts of all: time.

This reinvention is the result of a personal journey that I've undergone from seeking approval to sitting in authenticity. 

In my 20s, I devoted my life to being a concert pianist, which made my parents proud.

In my 30s, I launched businesses and got into the people-pleasing mode.

Now, in my 40s, I take a stand for authenticity, self-care, and honoring what's important to me. 

What's important to me: my husband, daughter, dog, and 40 employees. I want to pour all of my love into them and our self-care mission.

To step into authenticity's powerful vortex, I let go of Savor the Success to devote my time to @savorbeauty + @savorlifeplanner, a movement in #selfcare and #soulcare. 

In the past, I have sought and made many decisions based on the approval of my parents, friends, audiences, and more.

But today, let's pinky promise each other to move forward with "more authenticity, less approval." 

Looking forward to sharing more of the journey, 

Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor Beauty

Savor Spotlight!

"I’m planning and goal setting for the next 90 days! I’m ready to dream bigger! Who else?" - Andrea Drew

Savor Self-Care: #SkinFirst 

Loving this post by @byrdiebeauty about the power of taking it off to be bare, naked you. One way to feel confident in your skin is to take care of it properly, and that starts with the double cleanse. 

Learn more and get a double-cleanse kit here. 

#SelfCareSunday by @savorbeauty