A Little Manifesting Trick ūüôĆ

Savor Soul-Care: Visioning

I'm SO inspired by all of your amazing vision pages we're seeing on social. It's exciting to see how you are starting your week off with the intention and imagination to manifest your best life. 

Check out @tunesandtunics weekly visioning page: 

Feeling stuck on how what to put on your Inspiration page in the Daily Action Planner? 

1. Ask. 
"How do I want to feel this week?" Have you been feeling anything negative lately? Flip it into the opposite feeling! If you have been feeling crazed lately, say, "I feel on calm and collected." Write down ways you can feel on top of your game. 

2. Solutionize. 
Write down what's challenging you or keeping you up at night. Then write down three seeds (solution-focused actions) you can plant.

Or write, "In order to achieve ______, I (want, manifest, desire) xyz." 

3. Collage. 
Cut out and tape a photo or magazine clipping that inspires you. Flip back to it throughout the week to raise your vibration. 

Here's to weekly visioning, 

Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor Beauty

Savor Spotlight!

"Starting a blog has been overwhelming and exciting all at once. We discovered the¬†#dailyactionplanner... a great way to find inspiration, cultivate creativity, and navigate our priorities! ‚Ā£" - @adventuresofagingerandablonde

Savor Self-Care: Nourishing our Bodies

When we talk about self-care, we tend to think about massages and fancy meditation retreats.

But we sometimes forget one of the most basic elements of self-care: food. We often form our diets based on what's easy instead of what our bodies need.

Mindful eating is about listening to your body so you eat meals that nourish and satisfy. Plan out your day and give yourself time to feed body and soul. #SelfCareSunday by @savorbeauty