5 Ways to Infuse Self-Care into the Next 90 Days

At Savor Beauty Planner, we start with self-care every single day. We believe you have to nourish to flourish - from how you treat your skin to the friends that boost your happiness.

Planning will help you manifest abundance and success, yet sometimes just thinking about adding one more thing to your to-do list can be overwhelming.

Adding self-care into your routine doesn't need to be hard. We're sharing 5 easy ways below! 

1. Start with Skin: our skin and soul have a lot in common—both need detoxification, purification, and lots of love. Commit to incorporating one small beauty ritual int the next 90 days, like washing your face, toning, hydrating or booking a facial.

2. Re-charge your body and mind: What makes your body feel alive and vibrant? Things like getting regular massages and sleep will provide the nourishment you need for sustainable success.

3. Soul care: When you get clear on who you are and your soul's purpose, your radiance shines through. Ask yourself:

  • What do I value?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What brings out the best in me?-What brings out the worst in me?

4. Prioritize friendships: Research shows we need close relationships for soul-care. Friends help boost happiness, reduce stress and promote growth. List ways that you can connect with cherished ones in the next 90 days. 


5. Refresh Your Home: Your home is a reflection of your soul, and it has the power to nourish and replenish your energy. Commit to starting a few new projects in your home that will make your home feel uniquely YOU. Redecorate, organize, hang art, or simply declutter to clear your mind! 

Get your planner today to carve out time and prioritize YOU for sustainable success!