3 Tips for Creating Goals You'll Actually Stick To

The #1 most common productivity question we get asked is "How do I stick to my goals?"

Many of us have big dreams and visions, but find that over time we slip and are unable to stick to the goals we set for ourselves.
Here are our top 3 solutions for creating goals that you will actually stick to.

 1. Get SpecificWhen a goal is too general or grand, it can feel overwhelming and easy to abandon. The more specific your goals are, the clearer your vision gets and the less excuses you can make for not attaining your goals.
For example, rather than "I want to be healthier", try:
  • I want to eat 2 green vegetables per day
  • I want to be able to lift ___ lbs
  • I want to drink 8 cups of water per day

All of these goals fall under the general umbrella of wanting to be healthier, and are specific enough that you can actually create plans to implement into place.

    2. Create a Plan: Once your goals are crystal-clear, create a plan filled with actionable steps that will help you to reach your ultimate end game. 

    Once again, get specific. Make your plan as granular as necessary. By creating step-by-step action items and keeping the big picture goal in mind, you get 1 step closer each time you check something off your to-do list.
    For example, if your goal is "I want to read 3 books per month", your plan would be to:
    • Find 3 books you're interested in
    • Buy the books, or borrow them from the library
    • Set goal dates for when you'd like to finish them by

    Just as you plan your doctor's visits and your self-care, you should also plan out your goals to hold yourself accountable.

     3. Stay Inspired: Remember WHY you started! Mindset is everything, so keep the motivated momentum going by creating weekly inspiration boards in your Savor Beauty Planner's Opening Ritual section.

    opening ritual planner

    The Opening Ritual page is the perfect place to craft an uplifting and motivational mood board that you can customize to your exact needs. Get creative with freehand art and drawing, or browse Pinterest for premade art and inspiration.
    Whichever way you craft, don't skip this weekly step for renewed inspiration week-to-week.