Serenity now! How to create your personal mantra ūüíē

Good Sunday Morning, glow-getters!

This past week at Savor HQ, we have been buzzing and planning the New Moon party on June 13 in NYC to celebrate the NEW planner launch.

Grab your tickets before we sell out so we can connect at this intimate, exclusive event for glow-getters.¬†ūüíē

I thought this morning we could take a break from our Daily Action Planner steps and pause to create your Personal Mantras since I've been having so much fun creating mine this past week. 

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A mantra is an ancient spiritual practice that literally means mind-transport; it is a powerful sound or vibration that one can use to enter into a meditative state. 

We take inspiration from these beautiful meditations to create a mantra as a conscious affirmation-intention of how we want to feel, which is key to savoring life. 

Neuroscience studies show that these affirmations and intentions have the power to anchor you when you feel overwhelmed. In fact, Olympic athletes use this tool to shift from ‚Äúout of it‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúin the zone.‚Ä̬†

The most authentic personal mantra is based on your experiences and desired outcomes, and this can be revealed with some deeper reflection. 
Recipe: How to create your personal mantra
Time: 15-30 minutes
Ingredients: Pen, paper, quiet space
Optional Upgrades: Crystals, candles, aromatherapy, favorite music, herbal tea

1. Begin writing freely to answer one or all of the following questions: 

  • How do I want to feel?¬†
  • Who do I want to be?
  • How do I want to impact others?¬†

  1. If #1 is challenging, ask yourself contrasting questionsto one or all of the following questions: 
  • How have I been feeling in the last 90 days that is not in alignment?¬†
  • Who have I been that is not in alignment?¬†
  • How have I been impacting others that is not in alignment?¬†

  1. Decide what you want tofocuson in the next 90 days and write down the statement. It can be long at first, and you will want to edit it to just one word or a 3-5-word sentence, which is easier to remember. Here’s an example: 
  • I am free of financial worry and feel abundant.¬†
  • I feel free and abundant.¬†
  • Abundance. ¬†

  1. Meditate on this word or statement until youfeelthe high vibration of this intention. If you meditate on this mantra daily, allowing the feeling to fill every fiber of your being, you will be able to activate it easily throughout the day. 

    5. Choose an anchor that will help you remember your mantra. Body anchors are the most powerful associations. You will often see tennis players tugging their ears or bouncing the ball a few times before serving. They are anchoring themselves to get into the zone. 

    Your personal mantra can be activated whenever you desire. When I was a pianist, I would always say my mantra over and over again before going to bed, while doing yoga, and during stressful moments. My anchor was my tongue‚ÄĒwhen I relaxed it, my shoulders, neck, and stress dropped instantly.¬†

    Have fun creating your personal mantra, and I’ll be back next week with Step 4 in your Daily Action Planner. xoxo


Here's to om-ing your personal mantras,

Angela Jia Kim